Farewell Yet Not Farewell Video Premiere

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Farewell Yet Not Farewell Video Premiere @ Chromaticism
“A post-industrial commentary, set amid the abandoned detritus, of the so-called industrial revolution, thoughtfully and playfully juxtaposed, against a mandolin toting, muse celebrating chivalry…”

A New Mirrored You Video Premiere

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A New Mirrored You Video Premiere @ The Obelisk
“If you like weird, or if you think you like weird, “A New Mirrored You” will most certainly scratch that itch, but it’s worth noting that this track and the album from whence it comes has more to offer in terms of its songwriting, arrangement and performance than simply that.”

20 years I’m in

(version française en-dessous)

I found demos of my first two songs composed in 1996 and archived during 20 years on tape! In 1998, I formed my first band to play these numbers, after a brief experience as a guitarist in a Hardcore Metal band.
A year later, we had a gig with these songs at famous Le Botanique concert place in Brussels. I can remember us, all having stage fright: it was only our second concert.
Today, those days seem to be so distant. Friends from then completely disappeared, gave up music to get a “real job”. Doors are closed, but it is still possible for me to look through the window. And I’m still here to compose and play music, 20 years later.
Recently, I re-recorded “Point”, my first composition. The result is there: https://soundcloud.com/willzbe/point
(in the end, you will find original demo from 1996, for comparison)

J’ai retrouvé les démos de mes deux premières chansons composées en 1996 et conservées depuis 20 ans sur une cassette ! En 1998, ces titres allaient me pousser à former mon premier groupe, après une brève expérience comme guitariste dans un groupe de Hardcore Metal.
Un an plus tard, ces morceaux nous ont permis de nous produire sur la fameuse scène du Botanique à Bruxelles. Je nous revois encore crevant de trouille en coulisses : c’était seulement notre deuxième concert.
Aujourd’hui, cette époque semble si lointaine. Mon entourage d’alors a complètement disparu, abandonnant la musique pour un “vrai métier”. Les portes se sont refermées, mais il m’est toujours possible de regarder à travers le carreau. Et je suis toujours là à composer et faire de la musique, 20 ans plus tard.
Récemment, j’ai réenregistré “Point”, ma toute première composition. Le résultat est là : https://soundcloud.com/willzbe/point
(à la fin, vous trouverez la démo originale de 1996, histoire de comparer)

A New Mirrored You

Listen to "Psychedelic Church" broadcasted on BBC during Gideon Coe radio show


New WILL Z. album A New Mirrored You is available at God Records for preorder and streaming. LP and CD versions will come before end of this year. For those who want to learn more about the album, here’s its story.


The story of A New Mirrored You began in November 2014. I decided to bring Swans, a project based on Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky, to Studio 5, with help from oG (bass) and Sammy (drums). First we recorded two songs Deep In The Forest and Troubadour, as a test, in a one-day exhausting session. The result was pretty cool so we decided to go ahead with other songs in March 2015. After rehearsals and a week in studio, I spent months recording and editing songs but finally wasn’t happy with most of tracks. After a difficult tour in Germany during summer, I took two big decisions: to be retired from touring and to shelve Swans project.


In September, after a strange experience – it was like I stepped through a mirror into another dimension, I composed new songs in the same spirit than Lord Space Devil. My first intention was to record a complete album with these songs but after several attempts I decided to keep only A New Mirrored You and Psychedelic Church from this session.


Since a long time, everybody told me my music “sounded medieval”, so I decided to endorse it literally and composed Farewell Yet Not Farewell, The Book Of Battles, Emblem XVII and Screen Lady. At that time, I read A New Life by Dante Alighieri and I had a couple of concerts with Sharron Kraus to end New Start Tour. It gave me enough inspiration and energy to create new songs, to compress and rearrange tracks from previous sessions and to call the new album A New Mirrored You.


To finish A New Mirrored You, I re-recorded unreleased songs from Jellyfish Island (an album composed at same time than Dark Tales which became New Start) : Through The Wind, Lady Mediterrànea – originally written for the last artistic project of Carmeta Mansilla – and An Island, first called Jellyfish Island.


I tried several montages and Juan helped me recording flutes for some songs. Even if final album is composed from four different projects, tracks worked well together and shared the same mood and energy.

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